About: Menorca Live

About: Menorca Live

First launched in 2010, Menorca Live is an exciting guide, designed to provide essential information and a lively insight into life on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Menorca.

2021 brings some new energy into Menorca Live; updating the site with fresh information and island advice, to provide an exciting, technically advanced medium, promoting and enabling residents, businesses and tourists alike, to connect as one.

Menorca Live serves as an in-depth reference source, packed full of general information, advice and suggestions to help discover the ‘real’ Menorca, from memorable days out to hidden cultural delights. Menorca Life actively promotes the many leisure and tourist attractions, activities and facilities available. It focuses on the best places to visit, things to do for all ages, beach advice, island traditions, as well as a wealth of other useful contacts.

We have categorised our articles to make it easier to navigate around our site:

Menorca Info: Here you will find emergency phone numbers and contact details for hospitals, private health clinics, dentists, chemists, mobility, post offices and much more. Along with information on Menorca’s climate, sustainability and it’s UNESCO status.

Taste Menorca: Handy hints on local produce, plus a restaurant guide and reviews from members of our team. Whatever your tastes are in food, Menorca has a vary varied offering. Recommending restaurants is difficult as we all have different budgets, taste & requirements. This said, we aim to show is a comprehensive guide, so whether you want fine dining, slow local food or family friendly, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Active Menorca: Menorca has so much in the way of phyisical Activities.  It may only be a small island, but has lots of diversity both on land and at sea.  Water sports, sailing & boating, horse riding, biking and for those that want something a little more relaxing there’s plenty of stunning walks.  

Experience Menorca: The island doesn’t just offer sporting activities, there are also a whole range of different experiences to discover. Our Experience Menorca articles cover everything from wine tasting and bird-watching for the adults, to family fun at the Zoo or water parks!

Know Menorca: To Know Menorca you have to understand it’s History, Culture and Traditions.  Menorca Live have put together a list of just some of the many places of historical interest on the island.  There are many historical buildings and tours that are really suitable for everyone, from the history enthusiast, to the kids that would love the La Mola Fortress which has everything from cannons to impressive tunnels to explore.  You’ll also find information on the islands traditional fiestas, local artists and Menorca’s highest point Monte Toro.

Menorca Beaches: Our beach guide, stretches from Mahon over the north coast to Ciutadella “Menorca’s North Coast Beaches” and then again from Mahon down the south coast to Cuitadella “Menorca’s South Coast Beaches”. Whilst we haven’t included all of Menorca’s wonderful coves, we have provided a comprehensive reference and a detailed description of those most popular and those we have experienced ourselves. We hope you will be able to plan your perfect beach outing with confidence, whether you seek family facilities or solitude.

Menorca Live Recommends: Through our diverse team, who have lived and worked on the island for many many years, to our regular clients we are proud to call friends; between us, we have put together some of our personal experiences and recomendations. Please contact us if you’ve have an amazing experience you’d like us to share.

Property Care Menorca: Whether you are an exisiting property owner or someone with a long term desire of purchasing your own holiday home abroad, Menorca Live have it covered. Here you’ll find infomation on buying, renting and management…along with a few added extras. We aim to take away the stress that owning a property abroad can sometime bring.

Our emphasis on promoting tourism is based on reaching out to tourists before their holiday, to excite and inform them about the many wonderful things they can do in Menorca. In addition, Menorca Live aims to help extend the traditional holiday period by promoting out of season activities and attractions such as sailing, walking, diving, horse riding, cycling and birdwatching.

We also aim to promote the many local business struggling after a difficult year in 2020, bringing people and companies together and up to date with on what’s going on in the commercial, leisure and retail environments in terms of growth, new ventures, products and services.

If you have a local business and would like us to promote your services, please get in touch here

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