Know Menorca

Art Galleries and Exhibitions


There are many local artists living in Menorca.  Some paint to sell through the various day /night markets throughout the summer months.  You often can pick something to remind you of your holiday for less than a nice meal out.

Others sell at some of the many art galleries and shops that are dotted around the island, with exhibitions from some of the more high profile Spanish / Menorcan artists.  

One of which is Marc Jesus whose famous blue ladies are loved by both locals and tourists.  His artworks are not only available to buy in original or print form, they have been used on many occasion to promote the island on billboard posters and even for Estrella beer during the summer.

David Monros is another well known local artist who’s studio is based in Menorca.  Originally from urban Barcelona.  His brightly coloured paintings are influenced by his past within the underground world, using experimental techniques, married together with his deep cultural roots of the the mediterranean sea.

In recent years, Canary born artist Gonzalo Concepcion has appeared on the artistic scene, bringing us a glimpse of Menorcan views, capturing the reflections and ever changing light.  Contact Menorca Life who have a series of his paintings to buy on display.



Galeria d’Art Rexta: A permanent exhibition of Menorcan and Spanish artists. 

Location: Carrer del Nou de Juliol, 37, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Vidrart: A permanent exhibition of Menorcan and Spanish artists, photographers and sculptures, as well as special events. 

Location: Carrer del Roser, 8, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca

Galería de Arte Pedrin: Pedrín’s is a local artist who works in various medias from photography and painting to pottery and metal sculptures.

Location: Carrer des Seminari, 30, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca


Galeria d’art Kroma:  A permanent exhibition of Menorcan and Spanish artists. Mahon.

Location: Carrer d’Anuncivay, 7, 07702 Maó

Artara: A permanent exhibition of Menorcan and Spanish artists. Mahon

Location: Carrer de l’Àngel, 29, 07703 Maó

Encant Gallery: Contemporary modern art gallery, with new up and coming artists.

Location: Carrer de la Infanta, 20, 07702 Maó


Arantza y Cia Art Gallery: Carrer des forn 9, Alaior

Galeria Migjorn Gran: Carrer Sant Llorenc 12, Migjorn Gran

Art Spai: Calle de Major 57, Fornells