Menorca Beaches

Knowing Your Beaches

Menorca’s beautiful unspoiled beaches surrounded by crystal waters, are one of the island’s main attractions. Each with its own personality, they range from large stretches of fine white sand, to tiny hidden coves, some of which can only be reached by sea.

The size of Menorca means you can visit more than one beach in a day!

Private beaches don’t exist on the island, there are numerous VIRGIN BEACHES which means they don’t have any facilities, but during high season they can become very busy.  You need to take food, water and any other supplies you may need for the day, as some require you to walk or hike to them.  This often makes it difficult for the younger members of the family or people with mobility issues.

RESORT BEACHES have lots of facilities and amenities.   Normally they will have sun-beds and parasols for rent, snack bars, lifeguards, toilets and the Red Cross often have a stand during the summer months.  There will normally be rentals of Pedalos, Kayaks and other water sports on the resort beaches too, so plenty of activities are available for those that don’t want to sit idle.

VILLAGE BEACHES are not classed as Virgin Beaches nor Resorts but they are small populated urbanisation with a beach, rather like a small coastal village in England.  They often have various facilities but not as many as you would expect to fine in a Resort

VIRGIN BEACHES are usually those that you can only access by food or boat and have little or no services.  There are no designated Nudist Beaches in Menorca.  However when visiting theVirgin Beachesyou may come across Nudists and on some of the Resort Beaches too.  These tend to be the quieter areas of beaches and furthest away from the facilities.

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Menorca Live Top Tips For The Beach:

One of Menorca’s most impressive characteristics is, without doubt, the wind.  The mythical northern wind, know as the Tramontana blows very frequently on the island and making it one of favoured places for sailers, surfers and other water sport enthusiasts.  It can also very refreshing in the hot summer months, but beware, don’t let it fool you!  Make sure you and your family wear high factor sun protection and have somewhere to get out of the mid-day sun when it is at it’s hottest.  Usually between about 14.00 and 16.00.

This said, we are not all water sport enthusiasts and sat on a beach with sand blowing can often be a nuisance.  Menorca is known as the “windy island” so our Top Tip if you want to avoid the winds and waves, is to head south if the wind blows from the north and head north if the wind blows from the south.



PLEASE TAKE YOUR RUBBISH with you when you leave.

DO NOT LEAVE CIGARETTE STUBSas it is very damaging to the environment and wildlife.  You will find these cigarette butt cones to use on many of the beaches, which you can then tip out into a bin when you leave and replace the cones for someone else to use.


The presence of a Blue Flag on abeach recognises and encourages the efforts of local authorities throughout Spain, to succeed that the beachmeets certain criteria regarding the law, accessibility, health, cleanliness and safety, as well as have adequate information and environmental management. 

Menorca was awarded the following 5 in 2020: