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Climate In Menorca, Month By Month


To help you enjoy Menorca whatever the weather, here is an average month on month guide as to what you can expect throughout the year.


Menorca’s Weather in January and February:

The climate in Menorca in January can be effected by rainy weather with an average of 64mm of rainfall (approx 8 days) and 3.5 hours of sunshine per day. In February, the rainfall drops slightly with an average of 49mm and 4.5 hours of sunshine. Sea temperatures are around 15º C in January and February. Humidity is around 77%. Average temperatures range between 6º and 14º C.


Menorca’s Weather in March and April:

The temperature in March and April really begins to warm up with increasing sunshine hours, but still with around 48mm of rainfall (approx 6 days). March sees an average 6 hours of sunshine with average temperatures ranging from 8º to 16º C and April enjoys an average of 7 hours and temperatures between 10º and 18º C. Humidity levels average 74% in March and 72% in April.

Menorca’s Weather in May and June:

Menorca enjoys some of its best weather In May and June with average temperatures ranging between 13º and 21º C for May, rising to between 17º and 25º C for June and sunshine hours increasing from around 7 to 8.5. Humidity drops off slightly from 77% in April to 71% in May.


Menorca’s Weather in July and August:

July and August are the hottest and driest months of the year with average temperatures ranging between 19º and 29º C and slightly cooler in the north of the island. Sunny weather prevails with up to 11 hours of sunshine in July and 10 hours in August. Rainfall is rare in July with an average of 7mm falling on 1 or 2 days. This increases to 30mms in August. Humidity levels are at their highest in August and can reach up to 90%.

Menorcas_Climate_AutumnMenorca’s Weather in September and October:

Although temperatures begin to cool down in September, the average ranging from 18º to 26º C, the weather is sill quite warm with around 7 hours of sunshine. This falls to 6 hours in October and rainfall increases considerably. October is Menorca’s wettest month with an average of 105mm (approx 9 days) and humidity levels around 77%. Temperatures average between 15º and 22º C.

Menorcas_Climate-2Menorca’s Weather in November and December:

November sees an average rainfall of 92mm and 4 hours of sunshine with high temperatures of around 15º C dropping to around 11º C. December has only an average of 3 hours of sunshine and average temperatures of between 8º to 15º C. Humidity in these months is about 77% with average rainfall falling from around 92mms to 82mms.