Taste Menorca

Cook & Eat Menorca

Cuk-Cuk Menorca

Cuk-Cuk is based in the old town of Ciutadella in a traditional Menorcan house. There you can learn to cook Paella, Caldereta, (Menorcean fish stew), Fideua and many other delicious local recipes.  If you don’t Fancy cooking you can make a reservation to enjoy these specialities prepared by the Cuk-Cuk chefs and enjoy  these dishes in their dining area.  

Cuk-Cuk also offer food and wine tasting events where you can learn and enjoy as you savour Menorcan cheese, cured meats, wines and local craft beers.


Bolets De Menorca

Bolets also know as Setas and most commonly to us as, Mushrooms. Bolets de Menorca began as a hobby, but the families interest and passion for Mushrooms developed into a business.

Many of their products are sold in various outlets throughout the island, to the restaurants and direct sales at their premises just on the outskirts of Mahon.

You can visit Bolets and take a tour of their growing sheds.  They produce various types of fresh mushrooms which you can buy in a dried format or purchase one of their home growing kits. 

They also offer a unique selling point to encourage you to ty them on site, a menu of “Degustación”.  They don’t have a restaurant as such, but you can order sample dishes which are freshly cooked.  You will  definitely purchase some of their interesting mushrooms in the little shop after trying some of them! 

Look out for their mushroom products in some of the local supermarkets, which include many ingredients from local producers.  

Bolets also have educational guided tours and cookery workshops throughout the year.  Check out their website for more information and opening time: www.boletsdemenorca.com