Taste Menorca

Food Shopping In Menorca

One activity that is loved by most is Shopping and Food Shopping here in Menorca is delightful!!!

With an abundance of local fresh produce you’ll end up eating with your eyes when visiting the local supermarkets. All the main towns have a variety of food shops. Look out for the following names: Binipreu, Lidl, Mercadona, Hyper Centro, San Crispin…to name a few.

All the costal resorts have shops that open during the holiday season.  There is normally a supermarket along with small shops selling perfumes,  beach items and souvenirs to remind you of your visit.

Normal shopping hours are from Monday to Friday  9.00/10.00 until 13.30 then 16.30/17.00 until 20.30.  These may differ during the summer season. Resort supermarkets are often open longer hours. 

On Saturdays shops normally open until 13.30.  Again some may open all day during the high season.

The larger supermarkets open Monday to Saturday 9.00 until 21.00and someSunday mornings 10.00 until 14.00.

Ecological & Health Food Shops In Menorca

In Independent Shops:

 There are many local independent health food shops in Menorca that sell various Organic products.  Some just stock ambient, others stock fresh and chilled produce too.  They are generally run by people that have strong beliefs and passion about natural organic products and are happy to help.

Where fresh food and vegetables are sold they are generally grown locally and they often have a range of locally produced breads and pastries available too.

Menorca Live Recommends:

Mon Organic:Based in Mahon, they stock a small range of fresh and chilled products as well as Gluten free and Ecological (Organic) ranges too.


Bio Magatzem: A large shop in Mahon that stocks a large variety of fresh vegetables, a chilled food section and a large selection of ambient Ecological (Organic) ranges too.


Eco Naturi Sant Lluis:Tucked away in the side streets of Sant Lluis this little gem of a shop stocks an amazing range of fresh, chilled and ambient products too.


Herbolario Camamil-la:Based in Ciutadella, they stock a range of fresh local produce, a chilled section and ambient products.


Sa Figuera:Based in Es Mercadal, they stock a range of fresh local products, chilled section and ambient products.


In Independent Shops:

In recent years Organic food and Food intolerances have both become big news, and big business. So when you have special dietary needs and you are on holiday it can be daunting as to where to buy from.

Although Menorca is very small and quiet  it has very much to offer in terms of Eating and buying Organic or Special Dietary foods .

Most of the supermarkets in Menorca now stock a comprehensive  range of Organic and Special dietary foods .It is normally in a separate area and is easy to spot.

Binipreu, Mercadona, Eroski and many independents all stock some special dietary products although many of the resort supermarkets may not carry the amount that is available in the larger towns.

Lots of the Supermarkets and independent stores also cater for Vegetarians and Vegans .Plant based burgers and meat free alternatives are available so you don’t just have to settle for a plate of vegetables or salad unless you want to! 

Menorca Live Recommends:

The biggest supermarket on the island is www.binipreu.com located near the airport with ample parking.  It stocks a wide range of Organic, Dietary products, Vegan, Vegetarian and other local produce.

Products for Diabetics, Celiacs, and Lactose intolerants are clearly marked:

  • Diabetic – “Sin Azucar” – Sugar Free.
  • Celiacs – “Sin Gluten” – Gluten Free.
  • Lactose Intolerant – “Sin Lactosa” – Lactose Free.

Gluten Free Bakery In Menorca

The only dedicated Gluten Free fresh bakery is based in Ferreries. They produce an amazing range of breads and pastries from traditional Empanadas to Pizza!  They are really helpful and you order products to pick up, both fresh and frozen.  The taste is fantastic and the prices are very competitive.  Definitely worth a visit if you struggle to find Gluten Free delights.


Markets In Menorca

 There are many markets in Menorcawhich are very popular with locals and tourists. The land here is very rich and fertile perfect for producing the array of fresh produce & grazing for the cattle.  Many quality gastronomicand organic products such as the famous Mahón cheese or the delicious cured meats such as “Sobrassada” are produced by the farmers that live in fincas(farmhouses) that are dotted throughout the island.

These weekly markets are all year round throughout the local towns and sell mostly clothing, bags, footwear or food.  They tend not to be artisanal type, although you will find some craft stalls.

  • Mahon:Tuesday and Saturday.  Plaça de s’Esplanada.  8.30-14.00
  • Daily indoor market at Claustro del Carmen Monday -Saturday.
  • Es Castell: Monday and Wednesday.  Plaça de s’Esplanada.  8.30-13.00
  • Sant Lluis:Monday and Wednesday.  Plaça de sa creu.  9.00-14.00
  • Punta Prima: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  April – June.  8.00-16.00.  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  July – September. 16.00-23.00. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  September – October.  8.00-16.00.
  • Alaior:Thursday.  Av. Padre Huguet.  8.00-14.00
  • Es Mercadal: Thursday.  October-May. Carrer Nou.  10.00-13.30
  • Ferreries:Local food market.  Saturday, Plaça Espanya.  9.00-13.00 
  • Ciutadella:Monday – Friday.  Plaça des Born.  8.30-15.00