Know Menorca

Know Menorca

A brief introduction to some of Menorca’s History and Traditions.

Menorca is one of the lesser know islands of the Balearics and due to the lack of investment in tourism in the 70´s.  This allowed Menorca to develop and evolve naturally and become a real gemstone of the Mediterranean.

To Know Menorca you have to understand the History, Culture and Traditions.  Menorca Live have put together a list of just some of the many places of historical interest on the island.  There are many historical buildings and tours that are really suitable for everyone, from the history enthusiast, to the kids that would love the La Mola Fortress which has everything from cannons to impressive tunnels to explore.  

Then there’s Monte Toro the highest point on the island with amazing views and historical church with references dating back to 1291.  

Explore Menorca’s Talayots with their Neolithic monuments and chambers to  discover and make you feel like time stood still.

The local Fiestas are riot of colour, noise, horses, pomada (Gin) and ceremonies; a real insight into Menorca and its traditions.

The Blessing of the boats is a fiesta that is held in July usually the weekend closest to the 16th. It is quite the spectacle and for those that are boat enthusiasts one not to be missed.

We would love to hear from you if you have a place or something that you think we should KNOW about.  Please get in touch with Menorca Live