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Menorca By Saddle

Menorca is the perfect place to get about on the back of a saddle…be it by bike or on horse back. Whether you are an enthusiast or you want to take in the scenery at a slower pace. Menorca has it covered!

Biking in Menorca

Over the years Menorca has embraced the bike in all of its forms; road, mountain bike, city and electric.  With it’s amazing network of lanes, known to locals as a “Cami” and many cycle tracks that crisscross their way through the countryside, edged with drystone walls you will pass through countryside and little hamlets.  Traversing your way through the lanes you could almost believe you where in Cornwall or the Yorkshire Dales.  It is a wonderful way of seeing Menorca and routes are very well signposted,  with information boards along the way, so you can’t get lost!  Over the years some of the towns have installed specific cycle paths, making it a great way to get around and sightsee.  For example: Mahon to San Lluis there is cycle path all the way.

There are many tours that can be arranged via This company can organise everything including your bike hire and accommodation. You need to have lots of experience and stamina to tackle the “Cami de Cavalls” but it is certainly the best route to test yourself!

Road bike users will love the Me.1 which runs from Mahon to Cuitadella, passing through towns along the way for a “pitstop” or you may want to test yourself cycling to the to top of Monte Toro!  The Me.1 doesn’t have a cycle path, but the verges are wide enough to cycle safely.  During the summer months the roads are very busy and with the heat, most of the road cycling is best done in the early morning.  Visiting out of season, the roads are virtually car free and there are many city hotels that remain open throughout the year which makes Menorca an ideal place for a cycling break. 

There is also a bike trailer connected to the bus companywww.tmsa.esthat can get you from Mahon to Cuitadella, which is normally available throughout the summer months.  You can check there schedule on the website but it’s normally an extra fare of 2 euros for the bike.

Menorca BTT is a 3 day cycle event which is usually held mid October.  Event information and participation can be found on their website

Menorca Live Cycling Tips:  

Helmet:The Spanish law requires you to wear a safety helmet, even when riding off road as the terrain can be incredibly uneven and a helmet will protect you.

Hi-Vis Vest: It is also a good idea to wear a Hi-Vis vest, especially whilst riding through the country lanes as they are very narrow and the stone walls are high making visibility difficult, especially to drivers.

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Horse Riding In Menorca

Horses are a big part of Menorca and it’s history.  Menorcan’s used the horse for the transportation of goods across the island and they were also used to defend the island by patrolling the ancient pathways of “Cami de Cavalls”.

Today you will often see them being ridden along the roadside or in the fields, normally in the afternoons practicing their “dancing” for the fiestas that are held in every town throughout the island during the summer months.  The highlight for both the horse and rider is the “Jaleo” where the riders demonstrate their ability by rearing their horses onto their hind legs making them jump or dance.  The breed is a descendant of the Andalusian and Arabic horse.  Jet black in colour, they are energetic and elegant.

There are many company’s that offer excursions, so that you can experience Menorca on horseback.  Pony rides for the little ones, to an evening sunset ride across the beach.  From beginner to the most experienced rider, there truly is something for everyone. 

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