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Useful Information Guide

In this article, you will find emergency phone numbers, hospitals, private health clinics, dentists, chemists, mobility, post offices and much more.


Remember: If you are using your English mobile, prefix with +34 followed by the local telephone number.

These numbers are 24-hour service and most are in 4 languages:

  • General emergency 112 (same as the British 999)
  • Domestic violence  016
  • Police emergencies 092
  • Guardia civil  062
  • National police 091
  • Fire service 971 35 10 11
  • Sea Rescue 900 202 202
  • Emergency  Ambulance 061


Mahon Hospital:
Mateu Orfila, Ronda Malbuger  
Tel: 971 48 70 00 (general) 
Tel: 971 48 70 30 (emergency)

Mahon Health Centre:
Centro de Salut Dalt, Sant Joan, Carrer Fornells, Mahon 106/7
Tel: 971 35 32 55

Cuitadella Hospital:
Centro de Salud  Canal Salat, Carrer Antonio, Maria Claret 
Tel: 971 48 01 11


Juaneda have two private hospitals on the island.  To use these hospitals, you can use your holiday insurance if medical care is covered or make payment by credit card. 

Mahon: Av De Vives Llul 6

Tel: 971 351 115

Ciutadella: Carrer del Canonge Moll, s/n (Without number)

Tel: 971 480 505

They are generally open 24 hours a day and during the holiday season there are medical centres open in some of the resorts.

Tel: 971 13 98 98 (They speak English) 


If you need emergency dental treatment whilst on your holiday, you will have to either claim on your holiday insurance, if you are covered, or make payment with card or cash.  

Mahon: Dental Ruiz y Vinent 

Avenida de Fort de L’Eau 90, 07701 Mahon

Tel: 971 079 026 (They speak English) 

Ciutadella: Centre Maxilofacial

C/ Dr Camps 42, bajos, 07760 Ciudadella

Tel: 971 48 44 87 


Pronounced: Far-ma-thia in Spanish, they are very visible with a neon green cross. 

Type “Farmacia in Menorca” into google and a list of chemists will be listed with opening times, telephone numbers and directions.  This is the easiest way to find your nearest chemist.

Each town have a chemist that is open after hours for emergencies and these are displayed on the door of each chemist.  There is also one at the airport which is open everyday, although hours may vary out of season. 


If you need to contact the British Consulate for any emergency such as lost passport, stolen wallet, emergency travel documents etc. you can contact them via the following: 

Tel: 933 666 200


Age Concern are located in Mahon Carrer d ‘Artrux 10,Poligono Industrial, Mahon, 07714.

Tel: 971 156 110 

Age concern help and improve the lives of many senior citizens of all nationalities living in Menorca.

There are also things that they can help with if you are a holidaymaker in need.  They offer a short term medical and mobility equipment service for visitors to the island, which they charge a refundable deposit for.  At the end of your hire period they will ask if you’d like to make the deposit as a donation to Age Concern.  

If you find that you are in need of a translator, for example if you find yourself needing hospital care, they are also happy to help, but a small fee may be applied.


In Menorca there is a lot of help for getting about the island if you have mobility problems and require a scooter, wheelchair or other means of mobility aid.  The website links below will take you directly to companies who hire equipment, which can also be delivered directly to your accommodation on arrival.  The websites are also a great source of information for easy beach access, restaurants and toilet facilities etc. 

Tel: 633522663


There is one main Airport in Menorca situated on the outskirts of the city of Mahon.

Small and compact with easy access, there are two levels:

Ground floor: arrivals LLEGADAS 

First floor: departures SALIDAS 

On the departure level you get 15 mins free parking perfect for unloading cases or dropping off people.  You will still be require to take a ticket at the barrier though.

The special assistance points are also on the departure level, where you can get assistance if you have mobility issues.  The main desk is situated inside on the first floor near the pharmacy and there are well signed special assistance meeting points, whereby you can press a button and wait for assistance to come and help you.

For more information go to  you can change the language and type in Mahon as your choice of airport.

Tel: 91 321 10 00


Pronounced: Corr-e-os in Spanish, look for a yellow fronted building with blue writing. 

Opening hours are generally 8.30-20.30 Monday to Friday.

Type “Correos in Menorca” into google and a list of post offices will be listed with opening times, telephone numbers and directions.  This is the easies way to find your nearest post office.

Mahon situated on Carrer de Cuitadella 76. 

Cuitadella  situated on Placa des Born 9. 

Opening hours are generally 8.30-20.30 Monday to Friday

You can buy stamps from Estancos (tobacconists). 


Normal opening hours for banks are from 8.30 – 14.00 Monday to Friday.

They will be happy to exchange money etc.  Best to check the daily rate. 

There are many ATM´S all around the island where you can withdraw money in Euros.  Check the amount charged for the transactions as they can differ.

There are APPS you can download that will give you you’re nearest ATM.

ATM Locator or Cash Machine Finder are APPS available to download for free.


Every town in Menorca has a Town Hall Ajuntament

They all have their own website and most translate into Spanish, Catalan, English and French.  They are often useful to find out “What’s On” in local towns during a specific week of your holiday.  

Here are a list of their websites: 










Menorca is a small island where things are quite traditional.  There are no huge shopping centres as you may be used to.  There are couple of well know faces MANGO and STRADIVARIOUS which are usually open all day, but in general shopping is more relaxed and due to the heat, definitely at a slower pace.

Normal shopping hours are from Monday to Friday  9.00/10.00 until 13.30 then 16.30/17.00 until 20.30.  These may differ during the summer season. 

On Saturdays shops normally open until 13.30.  Again some may open all day during the high season.

The larger supermarkets open Monday to Saturday 9.00 until 21.00 and some Sunday mornings 10.00 until 14.00.


There is an Anglican Church which is based in Es Castell called Santa Margarita.

It is part of the Diocese Church Of Europe.  The church is located in Es Castell on Carrer Stuart 20.

Worship normally takes place every Sunday at 9.00 AM & 11.00 AM.

The service is from the Common Worship Of The Church Of England.

There is a service of the Holy Communion, using the Book Of Common Prayer every Wednesday.

For more information

Chaplain: Rev Paul Strudwick

Tel: 617 222 382


Getting around Menorca is easy the island is 30 miles long and about 10 miles wide.

Bus, Taxi or Hire Cars can provide you the means of seeing this beautiful island and all it has to offer.


The main bus provider is TMSA. They are very distinctive by their red and yellow colour.

In Mahon the main bus station is situated on Carrer de Vassallo, behind the main square called Placa de S’Esplanada.

In Cuitadella the central bus station is situated on Passeig de Sant Nicolau 2.

The website is easy to use and has easy lists of the routes and the times. You will also find the bus times in the station and at the various stops throughout the towns.  It is important to note that the hours will vary depending on the time of year.  Visit their website www.tmsa.eswhich gives the option to change the language.


Here in Menorca we have some of the best unspoilt beaches in the Mediterranean,  which cannot be accessed by car therefore the alternative way to get there is by foot, boat or scooter.  There are buses that will allow you to get there but these are privately run and on some you are advised to prepay as the buses don’t have card payment facilities .


Based in Fornells, they have routes that operate between Fornells-Mahon and Fornells-Es Mercadal.  They also run the routes of tourist resorts: Arenal d´en Castell, Arenal de Son Saura (Son Parc ), Cala Tirant (Platges de Fornells), Favaritx (Cala Presili & Cala Tortuga) and Es Grau. 


There are also scheduled bus routes from the city of Cuitadella by Torres to the resorts on the west of the island: Cala ´n Bosch, Cala Blanca and Cala n´ Blanes and to some of the west’s hard to reach beaches like Cala Morell, La Vall, Cala Turqueta and Son Saura. 


There are no private taxi companies here in Menorca.  Companies that are licensed only work from certain areas and there no UBER either!!!

Taxis are all white and use meters that are visible.  There are different Tarifas(Tarifs)  depending on the time of the day, location and distance. It’s worth noting that the prices are regulated by law. Taxi stands are called PARADAS DE TAXI and can be found in the towns in a prominent place.

Children are required to sit in the rear seats and you must wear a seatbelt.  You cannot order baby/child seats with taxis.  If you have your own car seat you have to take responsibility for fitting it in the taxi.  It is illegal for taxis to take babies/children without the car seats/baby seats. 

If you are arriving at the airport and wish to take a taxi, the taxi rank is situated right outside arrivals.  There is normally a price list (Tarifas) on the wall just outside the main doors.

You can also pre-book Taxis going to the official website This website is easy to navigate can be translated into English where you can check the rates.  They will travel all over the island.  The call-centre is 24 hours and they have vehicles adapted for wheelchairs on request.


971 367 111 East area: Mahon, Sant Lluis & Es Castell

971 482 222 West area: Cuitadella and Ferreries

871 520 070 Center area: Es Mercadal, Es Migjorn and Alaior



Operating around the port of Mahon, Cala Llonga and Es Castell.  The water taxi service it ideal if you want to sightsee around the bay of Mahon or you wish to travel in style for lunch/dinner in Calas Fonts.

They can also provide groups of up to 10 people with a tour around the bay, provide transport to La Mola and visits to La Isla del Rey.


Tel: +34 616 428 891


This company offer scheduled services to get to the hard to reach beaches such as Trebaluger, Escorxada, Macarella y Macarelleta ,Turqueta and Fustram.  It’s an amazing way of seeing the coastline and avoids having to take a bus or walk, which is sometimes the only route.  They are based in Cala Galdana. 


Tel: +34 609054444


There are Ferries which run from both Mahon and Ciutadella.

MAHON: Mahon-Barcelona, Mahon-Valencia, Mahon-Palma.

CIUTADELLA: Ciutadella-Alcudia, Ciutadella-Barcelona, Ciutadella-Toulon  Tel: 902 454 645

Direct ferry run from Ciutadella to The Port of Alcudia in less than 2 hours.  It’s the fastest route to get to Mallorca.

Corsica Ferries run one crossing per week from Ciutadella to Toulon. 


Menorca is a preserved island making it a natural paradise, but this means that the road network reflects this.  There are no motorways, limited coastal roads and many small winding lanes that weave through the countryside.  Normally the roads are reasonably quiet except for high season in July and August.

General driving notes:

– You should carry with you your hired car documents and driving licence, along with the original or a photo copy of your passport.

Seatbelts are compulsory front and rear.  Often there are spot-fines from the police.  If you are fined make sure you get a copy of the fine and a receipt.  

Children under 12 should sit in the back on booster seats.

– You must wear the correct footwear.  If wearing sandals they must have heel straps, so no flip-flops.

– There is no tolerance to drink driving and there are spot checks.  The fines are high and the legal levels are low!!  Alcohol driving limit: 0.25 

– It is prohibited to use your mobile (unless it is hands free) whilst driving the fines can be up to 600 euros.

Speed limits: Watch out for speed limits and speed cameras on the ME.1 the main route from Mahon to Cuitadella.  There are two, one in Alaior and the other in Es Mercadal.

– The Spanish Traffic Police (Guardia Civil Traffico) also set up mobile speed traps on a regular basis and will hand out the spot fines.  Again, make sure you get a copy and a receipt.

Roundabouts in Menorca are a little confusing if you are used to the English way!  In Menorca they are taught to stay in the outside line for exiting all exits.  The inside lane is for going all the way around like a u-turn, but be careful the Spanish have a habit of coming across your path to exit, undertaking and often causing accidents.  So it’s best to be aware.  You just need to be really observant and approach them cautiously.


If you are unfortunate to breakdown, stop in a safe place if possible and switch on your the hazard warning lights.  The driver should put on a high vis jacket (it is law that one is in the vehicle).  Passengers should move away from the vehicle to a place of safety.  There are 2 hazard triangles normally kept in the boot.  One must be placed at the front, approx. 50 metres from the vehicle and the other at the rear, approx 50 metres from the vehicle.  Call your rental company and they will organise recovery.


If no one is injured: You still need to follow all the normal rules in the event of an accident, in terms of legal paperwork:  

  • Stop in a safe place (if the vehicle is moveable).
  • Put on your hazard lights.
  • The driver should put on the high vis jacket.
  • Passengers should stay in the car if it is safe to do so or move away from the car to a place of safety.
  • Call you car hire company and they will advise you of their requirements or send recovery. 
  • You should take photos of the damage to each car involved.  Take the license plate numbers and exchange names, addresses of the parties involved.  
  • In the glovebox of your car there should be a form headed “Declaracion Amistosa De Accidente” which is a standard fro whereby you can note down all the above details of each party involved.  Usually “Vehiculo B” is the car that caused the damage and “Vehiculo A” is the car that would be making an insurance claim.   
  • Never sign paperwork that you don’t understand.

If there are injured people; You will need to call the emergency services number 112 and they will be able to speak to you in English.   You will be asked to explain what has happened and your location.  They will organise for the correct emergency services to attend. 


Petrol stations on the island are easy to use.  Most are self operating whereby you usually fill up, then pay in the Kiosk.  It is a good idea to know how to count up to 8 as they will ask for the pump number.  When you pay at the pump by credit card you normally have the option to change the language which makes it a little easier, although certain stations have a attendant that will do it for you.  If using a hire car, make sure you always check the type of fuel it takes first.  

Gasolina / Sin Plomo: Unleaded

Diesel: Diesel 

During the summer months you may be required to pay inside before you fill.  This is due to the amount of people that come to Menorca during the summer months and no doubt there are some that will fill up and leave with out paying!!!

There are now a few Low Cost petrol stations on the island that are much cheaper, but perfectly adequate.  These are usually self service only.

If you have hired a car at the airport and need to return it there when you leave, there is a petrol station adjacent to the lower parking area.

This Petrol App shows the nearest station to you, prices and opening times. 


Car hire is easy in Menorca and gives you the best freedom of movement on the island. 

Things to remember: You should always keep the hire car documents and contract with you whilst driving, including your current driving licence and a photo ID passport.  You could have a photocopy if you would prefer to keep your passport in the safe at your accommodation.  Normally drivers must be at least 25 years of age to hire a car and have held a full clean licence for 3 years.  Drivers between 21 and 24 years can sometimes pay an excess, but this is dependant on the car hire company.

There are various car hire companies on the island with different levels of pricing and levels of service.

The bigger companies that are National or European, are based in the airport building or require a shuttle bus from the airport to their site/office.

There are smaller local car hire companies too, that have been on the island for many years.  They offer an amazing service, most of which will meet and greet you at the airport with the car or arrange for your car to be delivered to your villa or resort.  

Often they may seem a little more expensive and they don’t have the offers that some of the bigger companies can give.  However, there are no lengthy queues or shuttle buses, and NO HIDDEN EXTRAS!!


Fancy hiring a scooter to get around this beautiful island?  There are companies that provide scooter hire and it’s great to get access to many of the virgin beaches that are quite and inaccessible, or explore much of the countryside which is sometimes tricky to navigate by car. 

In Spain you can rent a 125cc scooter with a B (car) driving license if you have had this for at least 3 years.  The minimum age varies by the Rental company.

The normal minimal age is 18 or 21 depending on the company.


In the towns you will see signs marked with a P within a blue square these will direct you to carparks or larger areas to park.  You need to check to see if there are payment machines within that area or if parking is Free.

Do not park where you see GUAL. PEMANENT- VADO PERMANENTE or in the entrance to garages or driveways.  If you do so, you will be towed away and probably issued with a fine.

In and around the towns you will see different coloured parking bay zones and payment is made for these at the nearest parking meter.  You can change the language easily on the touch screen system and payment is made by coins or cards.  Parking hours are clearly stated on the machines and normally there is a maximum payment/number or hours you can park for.  Generally about 3 hours with a maximum payment of about 3 Euros.  Make sure you check as every town is different.   

Blue Zone: The highest tariff as they are often nearer central points.

Orange Zone: Slightly cheaper but further away

White Zone: Free, but always best to double check.

Green Zone: For residents only.  Do not park in a green zone if you are visiting Menorca on holiday.  

During the high season it can be a little frustrating to find a parking space when the volume of tourists is high, please don’t be tempted to park somewhere other than the areas marked, you risk having your car towed away and a fine.

If you want to avoid all of the hassle you can download an App which allows you to pay and set the time via you’re mobile.


Whilst many people do use their Blue Badge in the disabled parking bay and this has been widely accepted throughout Europe over the years, it’s best to check websites such as and  on using your Blue Badge abroad.  At the moment there is nothing to on these website about what will happen after Brexit.  

Parking for the disabled are clearly marked with a wheelchair symbol in a blue box.