Menorca Beaches

Menorca’s North Coast Beaches

Mahon – Cuitadella

Menorca Live have put together a Beach Guide, stretching from the Mahon over the north coast to Ciutadella “Menorca’s North Coast Beaches” and then again from Mahon down the south coast to Cuitadella “Menorca’s South Coast Beaches”. Whilst we haven’t included all of Menorca’s wonderful coves, we have provided a comprehensive reference and a detailed description of those most popular and those we have experienced ourselves. We hope you will be able to plan your perfect beach outing with confidence, whether you seek family facilities or solitude.

Cala Mesquida: Village

This beautiful unspoilt beach to the north of Mahon, has dramatic scenery.  The sand is a little course which leads to the sea, shallow at the edge then drops away quickly to deep water making bathing not ideal for very small children.  The nearby village has some facilities and in summer there are often snack vans which are permitted to sell in the parking area. 

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Parking

Cala Macar De Binillauti: Virgin

A stoney cove with no sand, just a 10 minute walk along the boardwalk at the back of Cala Mesquida.  Recommended if you want to get away from the summer crowds at Cala Mesquida, or just to sit and have a quiet picnic and watch the waves crashing in.

No Facilities

Es Grau: Village

This is a large sandy beach and is part of the Albufera d´ es Grau Natural Park. A quaint little fishing village that sits on the edge of a sandy beach fantastic for families and a must for little ones for their first paddle, as it’s safe and shallow.  Water sports and Kayaking are on offer making it a great place for activities. Boat rides are also available to Illa d’en Colom.

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Wheelchair Access-Parking

Arenal D’en Moro: Virgin

A small sandy beach on Illa d’en Colom accessible only by boat or you could hire a kayak from Es Grau.  Definitely worth a visit if you dare.

No Facilities

Tamarells Del Nord: Virgin

A small sandy beach, on the Cami de Cavalls.  Accessible on foot by a 30 minute walk from Es Grau beach or easy accessible by boat.  It can get quite busy in the summer, but a nice change to the Resort beaches, which are often quite noisy.  

No facilities

Cala Rambles: Virgin

A pretty horses shoe bay with a white sandy beach on the Cami de Cavalls route from Es Grau to Cap de Favarix.  It is a hilly strole, but doable for the passionate walkers.  Also accessible by boat.  

No Facilities

Cala Morella Nou: Virgin

A small beach with corse sand, best accessed by boat.  It is remote and difficult to access if you haven’t got a boat.  Located in the middle By foot it is a 4km walk from Es Grau. Best accessed by boat.

No Facilities

Tortuga: Virgin

The larger of the two beaches at Cap de Favárix, only accessible on foot or by boat.  

There is a 30-40 min Walk from Favárix, which you firstly have to access by bus in the summer or car in the winter months.  No cars are permitted to park at the lighthouse of Faváritx during the months of June and September.

You can view the bus timetable here:

No Facilities

Cala Presili: Virgin

Set within the protection of Parc Natural de S’Albufera de Es Grau.  This white sandy beach is close to the Lighthouse of Faváritx.  It’s transparent shallow waters are ideal for Snorkelling.  There is however a 20-30 min Walk from Favárix, which you firstly have to access by bus in the summer or car in the winter months.  No cars are permitted to park at the lighthouse of Faváritx during the months of June and September.

You can view the bus timetable here:

No Facilities

Cala Arenalet De S’Enclusa: Virgin

A white sandy beach, close to Cap de Faváritx.  There is a 40 min Walk from Favárix lighthouse, which you firstly have to access by bus in the summer or car in the winter months.  No cars are permitted to park at the lighthouse of Faváritx during the months of June and September.

No Facilities

Na Macaret: Village

A small sandy, sheltered beach in front of what essentially is a fishing village with a small harbour perfect for little ones.  You will find a lot of local Menorcans here who often retreat to their summer houses by the sea from the larger towns.


Arenal D’en Castell: Resort

This large horseshoe shaped beach is easily accessible from the urbanisation of Arenal. There is ample car parking space before a short walk down to the beach where there is a great choice of bars and restaurants. Facilities include Sun-beds, Parasols, Toilets, Red Cross and Water-Sports such as Pedalos and Kayaks to hire.  This beach is ideal for families with young children as it has shallow waters.  Two rocky prominences frame this impressive sandy beach.  The biggest Punta Grossa extends out on the east side and provides protection from the easterly wind to the bigger bay.  There are also plenty of bars and restaurants in Arenal D’en Castell to sit and enjoy the impressive views over lunch.  

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Wheelchair Access-Parking

Son Parc: Resort

Known as Son Saura beach, it is situated in the urbanisation of Son Parc.  Follow the signs to the Playa and you come to a beautiful large sandy beach approx 2.5 km long with protected sand dunes which give shelter.  There are many facilities at this beach including Sun-beds, Parasols, Bar/Restaurant, Red Cross and Water-Sports such as Pedalos and Kayaks to hire.  It’s stunning natural coastline and shallow waters make it perfect for all the family.

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Wheelchair Access-Parking

Cala Pudent: Virgin

This is a small sandy beach that is only accessible on foot by parking at Son Parc beach or by boat.  It’s crystal clear waters are worth the 40 minute walk across the cliff top. You might even see a few wild goats along the way!

No Facilities

Fornells: Village

Fornells harbour, with it’s quaint houses, picturesque waterfront, restaurants and bars, is a large naturally protected inlet.   Perfect and popular for a wide variety of water-sports, in Fornells and also nearby Ses Salines.  You’ll find sailing, windsurfing and diving schools, in addition you can hire motor boats, water skis, bikes and kayaks.   Coastal excursions and fishing trips can also be arranged.  There is a very small beach and swimming platform near the mouth of the harbour, which is very popular with the locals.


Cala Tirant: Virgin

Playas de Fornells resort lies approx 3km out of the Fornells in the bay of Cala Tirant.  Whilst we have classed this as a virgin beach, it can be quickly accessed by walking along the boardwalk around the cliff directly from the resort of Playas de Fornells, or by taking the north beach road Cami de Tramuntana, where you will eventually come to a carpark.  The beach is over half a kilometre long and perfect for Swimming, Snorkelling, Diving and other popular Water-Sports.  


Cavalleria: Virgin

This is a beautiful, long orange sandy beach with sand dunes behind and stunning views of the deep red clifftops.  From the carpark it is approx 250 metre walk along a path followed by wooden steps down to the beach.  The area before the beach is great for walks and there are also some picnic tables.  Crystal clear waters make it great for Snorkelling, but be careful of the sudden change in currents that often occur in this ope bay. 


Platja de Binimel-La: Virgin

This is a large sandy and black stoney beach, which is protected by the government as part of the Natural Area of Special Interest.  This stretches from Els Alocs to right the way to Fornells on the north coast.  The sea here is very rocky, but this makes it popular for snorkelling and diving.  There is restaurant open during the day which is popular with the locals or perfect for a cold drink on your return walk from Cala Pregonda.


Cala Pregonda: Virgin

Probably Menorcas most famous beach, Cala Pregonda is truly the Mediterranean paradise.   It’s dramatic orange sandy beach sits in a turquoise bay of crystal waters and stark rocks.  Fantastic for Snorkelling.  A 30 minute walk from the parking at Playa de Binimel-lá takes you through fields, salt flats and sand dunes.  It is manageable even with children, as long as you take plenty of water in the hot sun and a parasol.  

No Facilities

Cala Calderer: Virgin

A small isolated cove with golden fine sand and rocky waters. It is only accessible by foot on a long walk or by boat.  In the summer if walking to Cala Pregona try walking a little further to Cala Calderer where you’ll often find it much quieter. 

No Facilities

Els Alocs: Virgin

A small, corse beach only accessible on foot or by boat on the north coast to the east of Cala Pilar.

No facilities

Cala Pilar: Virgin

This red sandy beach can only be reached by foot or by boat. It has crystal clear waters ideal  for snorkelling.  Accessed by car off the main ME-1 road just outside Ferrerias, follow the narrow country lane to the car park, then walk down a steep shaded hill for about 40 minutes to the beach.  Make sure you take enough previsions and water to get you up the steep climb back to the car at the end of the day.

No Facilities

Playas De Algaiarens – Es Tancats & Platja D’es Bot: Virgin

These beaches are both part of the protected area of countryside called La Vall and both also know by many as Algaiarens.  The area is of special interest which means it is protected from development.  Pine forests act as a backdrop creating a Robinson Crusoe setting with lots of hiking paths.  The sand is a light orange in colour and soft underfoot.  Car parking is limited so in high season it is best to be early, although there is a bus service too.  A small fee is payable to enter the estate of La Vall but it’s worth it for such a picturesque experience!  You must be prepared for a small walk and to take your own supplies.


Cala Fortanelles: Virgin

A 20 minute hike west from Tancat  and you will find this narrow cove of rocks and pebbles, along with a few Fishermans huts.  Whilst there is no sand it’s a beautiful inlet for a private swim.  Alternatively you can walk 1 hour east, across the headland from the resort of Cala Morell.  A beautiful walk to do in the Spring or late season.  In high season it does get busy with boats.

No Facilities

Cala Morell: Resort

Small sheltered cove with cliffs all around making this a protected beach from the wind.  The beach is quite small, but the beauty of Cala Morell are the rock platforms ideal for Sunbathers and Swimmers alike.  The water is deep blue and perfect for Snorkelling.  There is a Beach Club that is situated at the side of the beach with spectacular views.  It also boasts its own Necróplis an ancient burial site built within the rocks.


Cala Piques: Resort

This is a sandy cove with rocky areas its only a short distance from the tourist resort of Cala en Blanes so there are many amenities on hand.  As the beach is tiny, it can get quite busy during high season. 


Cala En Forcat: Resort

This beach is situated around a deep rocky inlet and has many diving platforms from which it is possible to swim, dive and snorkel.  A small narrow white sandy area at the head of the inlet and shallow waters, makes it great for little ones.


Cala En Brut: Resort

A pretty little cove with crystal clear sea. Rocky platforms have been created along the deep inlet to bathe and swim from.  The drop into the sea is around 4 meters in areas, so not very suitable for those that have small children or anyone with mobility issues.  It is very popular with younger people that love to dive in from the rocks to the crystal water below.  In recent years they have built wooden fences in areas to try and keep the jumping zones to a minimum to avoid accidents.  Here you’ll find an abundance of fish, so don’t forget your snorkel and some old bread!


Cala En Blanes: Resort

This is a small sandy beach in a sheltered cove, backed by a wonderful shaded area ideal for picnics. The beach is quite small so during high season there will be high volumes of people, but as it is in a resort, it has many facilities.