Menorca Beaches

Menorca’s South Coast Beaches

Mahon – Cuitadella

Menorca Live have put together a Beach Guide, stretching from the Mahon over the north coast to Ciutadella “Menorca’s North Coast Beaches” and then again from Mahon down the south coast to Cuitadella “Menorca’s South Coast Beaches”. Whilst we haven’t included all of Menorca’s wonderful coves, we have provided a comprehensive reference and a detailed description of those most popular and those we have experienced ourselves. We hope you will be able to plan your perfect beach outing with confidence, whether you seek family facilities or solitude.

S’Algar: Resort

The S’Algar resort was one of the first tourist areas on the island. It is located on an outlet along the south coast of the island. There is no white sandy beach here, but a rocky coastline, which has had concrete platforms built in over the years, suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

S’Algar is the ideal place for the many nautical sports to be practised, as it is home to Salgar Diving.  The crystal waters are also perfect too, if you prefer just to snorkel.


Alcaufar: Village

This beautiful cove was originally a fishing village with a little beach.  It’s white washed houses balanced on one side of the bay that peer into the aqua blue clear waters.  Even in summer the water can be a little chilly, this is due to the fresh water currents flowing into the water from deep underground.  There are old boat jetty’s that are many use for sunbathing areas and a good sized very flat sandy beach to enjoy too.  The Hotel Xuroy, which was one of the first tourist hotels to be built in Menorca, has a large terrace overlooking  the beach and waters edge.  It’s restaurant offers breakfast, snack food and various dishes cooked fresh every day.


Punta Prima: Resort

A large beach with fine sand over a wide area. The sea can be a bit “choppy” at times, so when it’s windy it’s ideal conditions for surfing.  The sea can be sometimes be dangerous here due to strong off shore currents and rocks hidden under the waves.  The resort itself is well equipped, with numerous restaurants along the sea front and a couple of well stocked supermarkets.  This is an ideal beach resort for families and if you don’t have a car, there is a regular bus service during the summer months. 

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Parking

Cala Torret: Rocky Inlet

A pedestrian village with several restaurants, a small supermarket and cafes, situated right on the edge of the cove of Cala Torret. There is a small harbour with a jetty and a hoist for launching small boats and a Diving Centre.  Although there is no actual beach here, various platforms and rocky areas with steps, make access to the sea quite easy for a quick swim and of course Snorkelling or Diving.


Cala Binibeca: Resort

This particularly picturesque beach has fine white sand and clear waters, protected by a tall rock formation to one side.  There is a wonderful area shaded by trees with picnic benches and there are some facilities.  Food kiosks are normally placed in the parking area up on the road and Parasols, Sun-beds, Pedalos and Kayaks are available to hire on the beach.  Binibeca Vell is nearby, the “Fisherman’s Village” with it’s unique architecture design carved into little alleyways leading to the unique little holiday houses and little bars.  A good stop off on the way back from the beach.  

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Binibeca Vell: Resort

Although strictly speaking there is no actual beach here, there is a sheltered cove lined with the fishing village houses of Binibeca Velland it’s winding foot paths and steps leading down to swimming platforms.  From these the snorkelling and swimming is fantastic.  There are numerous facilities in and around the village itself.


Binisafua: Resort

This little cove is located in the development of Binisafúller.  There is a only a small parking area which makes it a little tricky in the summer months.  The sand is light in colour and gently slopes down to the sea and its crystal blue, but sometimes rocky waters.  As it is popular for little boats, areas for swimming are well marked.  As you swim out the open water you will see little fishing huts dotted on one side which locals still use today, but for leisure rather than fishing.


Biniparratx: Virgin

This small inlet has a tiny sandy beach accessed by foot from the main road between Binidali and Cap D’en Font.  It is very beautiful and secluded, but in the summer you may struggle to find space to lie down and parking is tricky too.  Popular with backpackers, it is a wonderfull lesser known beach.

No Facilities

Binidali: Virgin

A small rocky inlet in a small development of holiday villas.  This beach is accessed from the stairs that wind their way down to the cove from the cliff to road.  There is a beach bar on roadside with stunning views overlooking the sea.  This beach is very popular in the summer months with tourists and locals alike. 


Es Canutels: Resort

This small beach is at the mouth of a ravine between high cliffs.  A set of steps leads down to this small beach with white sand.  There are also concrete platforms to sit and relax on, with a designated swimming area which is safety marked off.  You may have a few feathered friends join you, as the local ducks tend to nest in the wetland area behind the beach.  Es Canutells is a popular place for water sports and in summer lots of boats will anchor here for the day to enjoy the sheltered crystal waters.  There is a popular restaurant at the top of the steps to call in on your way back to the car.


Calas Coves: Virgin

Calas coves is a picturesque cove with a little beach, surrounded by high cliffs.  It is home to a wonderful Talayotic Necropolis which is set into the cliffside.  You can follow the winding paths up to the caves, but only a couple are still open to the public.  The road leading down to the beach is very narrow so parking in the urbanisation of Calas Coves is necessary, followed by a 20 minute walk down to the sea.  It is very easy to access by boat or kayak and the water is very deep and a beautiful aqua blue in colour.  Definitely worth a visit, although can get a little crowed in high season.  

No Facilities

Cala En Porter: Resort

This truely stunning beach has white sand, a shallow waters edge and is surrounded by dramatic high cliffs.  The Cova de´n Xoroi night club is built into the cliffs and boasts spectacular views from its terraces.  The beach has every amenity necessary and is very family friendly.  It’s worth taking note though there are about 180 steep steps up to the resort if traveling by foot!!

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Son Bou: Resort

Perfect for family holidays, this is Menorca’s longest beach, stretching 3km of white sand and crystal clear waters.  These waters make it perfect for snorkelling and it’s great for children, as the water is shallow.  However at times, depending on the wind, it can be quite choppy, so be vigilant and aware of the changes in water currents. The beach is separated by one of the biggest wetlands on the island, a great walk for birdwatchers. The resort itself has many amenities and restaurants suitable for everyone.

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Cala Talis: Virgin

With it’s pristine white sand, Cala Talis is the small beach at the far end of Son Bou.  Many nudists use this beach as it’s very private and low-key.  From here there is a walk back inland through forest and over wetland, back to the resort of Son Bou, which takes about 30 mins.  Alternatively, you can continue from the beach on the Cami de Cavalls towards Santa Tomás.

No facilities

Santo Tomas: Resort

The beaches at Santo Tomas boast a sandy white and sometimes rocky shoreline, which stretches east between the stony terrain of Binicodrell and Punta d’Atàlitx to the west. There is a boardwalk that runs the length of the beach at the east, to beach bar at the west, just before the start of Binigaus beach, near the car park.  It is ideal for families and has lots of facilities, which one would expect from this beautiful resort.

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Binigaus: Virgin

This is an unspoiled beach approx 1km from the centre of Sant Thomas.  Take the new boardwalk west from the carpark and enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful golden sandy beach, with red cliffs and a lush countryside backdrop.  At the far end of the beach you can walk inland for about 30-40 minuets to the discover the Cova des Coloms a huge Cathedral like cave which feels like something from The Lord of the Rings.  You can also follow Cami de Cavalls from the far west end of the beach on two routes.  One directly to Cala Galdana or take the Coastal Route to some of the other Virgin beaches such as Cala Escoxada.  However be warned the Coastal path requires more than just flip flops and it can be a little unnerving in places, but the scenery is breathtaking.

No facilities

Cala Escorxada: Virgin

About an hours walk from Binigaus along the coast lies the beautiful white sandy of beach of Cala Escorxada with its clear crystal waters, which definitely make it worth the hike….and a hike it is: there are some rather steep cliff paths along the way so you will need good walking shoes and a pair of sturdy legs! You need to take supplies with you and don’t forget your camera for this photo worthy beach. 

No facilities

Cala Fustam: Virgin

This small sandy cove is half way between Cala Galdana and Binigaus just next to Cala Escorxada.   The walk through the forests and coastlines will take about 2 hours from either resort.  Better still enjoy a trip on a boat.  

No facilities

Cala Trebaluger: Virgin

Accessible only by foot (or of course by boat), about a 45 min walk from Cala Mitjana. The beach has a small stream to the right, which you cross to access the white sand.  It is just 170m long by 140 m wide, with shallow access to it’s beautiful turquoise waters.  Great for snorkelling.

No Facilities

Cala Mitjana: Virgin

This is one of the most idyllic picturesque sandy beaches on the island, accessed from the Cala Galdana road.  There is a car park, followed by a short walk down to the beach. Although the beach is quite small, there is plenty of shade to be found in the surrounding pine forest.  It can get rather crowded in the height of the season so it’s a good idea to get there very early or late afternoon for several hours, or enjoy it early or late season for a more peaceful visit. 


Cala Galdana: Resort

This beach is shaped like a shell.  A beautiful bay with its fine sandy beach and crystal waters makes the perfect place to enjoy some family swimming and water sports.  The bay is protected by high cliffs on both sides, offering spectacular sights from the viewing points.  Cala Galdana, although one of the largest resorts on the island, is cleverly distributed amongst the pine trees keeping it from looking like a eyesore on the landscape.  A resort with a bit of everything, it’s where tourism and nature walk hand in hand. 

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Cala Macarella & Macarelleta: Virgin

Macarella the bigger of the two, lies to the west of Cala Galdana just a casual 40 minute walk through the pine trees, or alternatively you can access it by car from Cuitadella.  This pretty white sandy, pine fringed beach has caves carved into the cliffs, which were used in prehistoric times as burial chambers.  There is a beach bar and facilities, making it easy to spend a full day here.  

Facilities-Restaurant-Red Cross-Parking

Macarelleta which has no facilities, is hidden in another inlet to the right of Macarella just a five minute walk around the cliff or accessible by boat.  Given its hidden location and rocky path to access, it is one of the most popular nudist beaches in Menorca.  Here there is just a 100 metres of fine white sand, making it difficult to find a spacious spot in the height of the summer.    

No Facilities

Cala Turqueta: Virgin

Located a 5 minute walk from a dedicated car park, this really picturesque unspoiled beach with its fine white sand gets its name from the turquoise colour of its crystal waters. The beach is in the top beaches to visit in Menorca so can sometimes get crowded.


Cala D’Es Talaier: Virgin

This is the nearest cove to Son Saura on the south and can be reached on foot through a pine forest.  It’s off the same road that leads to Cala Turquetafrom Cuitadella.  Although much smaller, it is a lovely beach with very white sand due to the decomposition of limestone, common to the entire area.  It’s name comes from the nearby presence of a very old watchtower Sa Talaia d’Artrutx which sounded a warning whenever intruders were spotted.  Today it offers breathtaking views over the coastline. This beach gets very busy in high summer. 

No Facilities

Cala De Son Saura: Virgin

Son Saura is the largest cove in Menorca that has escaped mass development due to its inclusion as a Natural Reserve area.  Its shoreline can be divided into two symmetrical sandy beaches – Banyul and Bellavista.  Behind these stunning beaches there is a pine forest with Picnic areas and toilets.  This area can only be accessed by car down a small narrow winding road or by foot.  It is also very popular by boat. 


Son Xoriguer: Resort

The beach of Son Xoriguer is located in the urbanisation of Son Xoriguer a small resort next to Calen Bosch.  The beach is quite flat but with white fine sand and a few rock dotted here and there.  The sea mirrors the beach, with an abundance of small rocks to discover the sea life with your snorkel.  A popular beach for families with a shallow waters edge for little ones.

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Cala En Bosch: Resort

A well kept tourist beach with lots of amenities.  White sand and crystal waters make a great combination for families and it’s close to the Marina of Cala en Bosch where there are an abundance of restaurants and shops.

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Cala Santandria: Resort

A narrow white sandy beach with several swimming areas. This beach has gained more amenities over the years.  Great for families and just a short drive from Cuitadella and other west coast resorts.

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Cala Blanca: Resort

Small sandy cove within a resort.  Very clean with lots of amenities. The water is clear and shallow which makes it ideal for little ones. There is a shaded area ideal for cooling off in the heat and having a picnic.

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Sa Caleta: Resort

A projection of coastline from Cala Santandria shelters a wonderful stretch of  white sandy beach along with the tranquil resort ofSa Caleta. This beach is in a nice residential area which is perfect for families and there are plenty of amenities nearby.