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NEW: Cova De S’Aigua De Cala Blanca

In May 2021 the caves will be open to the public. The tour will take about 1/2 an hour.

You will see many Stalactites and Stalagmite formations and an underwater lake, which is lit from below, showing the beauty of the caves different geological formations.

In 1955 the caves were explored by a team of specialists from Catalonia, where they found Talayotic, ceramics and human remains which are now in a Museum in Ciutadella. 

The caves are located in the green zone of Cala Blanca near the city of Ciutadella. Before the works began to reform the caves they had been used purely for storage.

Due to the current situation during Covid-19, the finer details of how to book and who to contact, have yet to be put in place.