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Pedreres de s’Hostal in Ciutadella



This is an unforgettable place that is made up of a vast labyrinth of quarries where the stone has been sculpted out by man and dates back over 200 years. Much of the sandstone quarried from this site was used in the construction of stately homes and palaces in Ciutadella.

Lithica, a non-profit organization, and a team of volunteers have worked relentlessly to clean out the quaries and turn them into spectacular and inspiring spaces.  Surprisingly, within the quaries is a beautiful and carefully tended botanical garden with aromatic and medicinal herbs and plants. Right in the middle is a medieval garden with fountain and well kept flowerbeds.

Throughout the summer, these renovated quarries provide the venue for concerts, films and private functions. Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes are held in the older quarries while there is also a sculpture workshop where visitors can create their own art from sandstone.

Located at Cami Vell – 1km from Ciutadella. It is open all year round from Monday to Friday – 09.30 to 14.30. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays – 09.30 to sunset.