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Menorca became a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1993, but being awarded such an accolade comes with great responsibility. The people of Menorca work hard to strike the balance of Economics and Sustainability.  The challenge is in the relationship between humans and the environment, the equilibrium of the natural land, culture, heritage, tourism and socio-economic development.  The local organisations that have sprung up in recent years help to keep Menorca one of the greatest jewels in the Mediterranean and one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists return year after year.

For more information about projects and sustainability, check out the following websites:

Menorca Biosphere Reserve

This website has lots of information about the sustainability and projects that Menorca is involved in.

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Gob Menorca

GOB Menorca was established in 1977 and promotes the defence of environmental values and the balance between human activity and nature conservation. 

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Menorca Preservation Fund

The Menorca Preservation Fund was established in 2017 with the aim of supporting local environmental initiatives.  The foundation raises funds locally and internationally from people and businesses that have connections to the island.  These funds are used to help local projects with the aim of preserving Menorca’s environment.

For information about the beach clean activities and getting involved can contact them directly on

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Eco tax

The Eco tax is a levy on all overnight stays in hotels, apartments and villas.  This also includes cruise ships that visit Menorca.  It is charged throughout Spain and the Balearic Islands (rates vary).  Taxes charged in Menorca, go towards the protection of preserving the islands environment, infrastructure and improving the conservation areas, ecosystems, flora and fauna.

  • Providing funds to promote sustainable tourism in low season. Walking and cycling and improving areas such as the Cami de Cavalls.
  • Recovery and rehabilitation of Menorcan culture, historical buildings and archeological sites which once restored open up to the public.
  • Menorca’s job contracts are made up of many seasonal contracts, money from the Eco tax funds help training and creation of qualified jobs for all year round work.
  • Funding for scientific research that aids in the fight of Climate Change, Pollution, tourism helping to maintain Menorca’s beauty and healthy seas.

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