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Walking & Hiking

Menorca is the ideal place to walk and hike especially in the cooler months, although there are many walking enthusiasts that partake during the heat of the summer too.

The island is, in many peoples opinion, the most beautiful in springtime when the countryside is covered in fresh green grass and colourful blankets of the most beautiful spring flowers.

Cami De Cavalls

The island is, in many peoples opinion, the most beautiful in springtime when the countryside is covered in fresh green grass and colourful blankets of the most beautiful spring flowers.

The history of the most walked route in Menorca, Cami de Cavalls has existed since 1330 when King James II ordered all settlers on the island to keep an armed horse at the ready, to defend Menorca in the event of an attack.  Cami de Cavalls literally meaning “Track of the horses”.

Throughout history Menorca has been occupied by many different countries the French and the English have occupied Menorca on several occasions and have used the pathway for the same reason.  It fell gradually into decline and in 1996 there were many protests from Coordinadora per la Defensa for its restoration to take place.  There protests were successful and in 2010 the completion of the renovation of the pathways around the perimeter of the island, was finally opened to the public.

The Cami de Cavalls 185km long and can be walked as a whole or is divided into 20 stages.  There are some parts that are short and easily accessible, which is ideal if you are staying in resorts with no transport.

If you are serious about walking some or all of the Cami de Cavalls, there are many guidebooks available to buy with lots of useful information.  The guide books shows all the “difficulty levels” and points of interest along the way.  They can be purchased from the tourist information offices in the main towns and some of the book stores.   The guide books have been translated into many languages and are usually around 15.00 euros to purchase.

Menorca Live Recommends:

Two different walking experiences as part of the Cami de Cavalls on the south coast with some of the best beaches on the island. So, pack a swimsuit!

Experience 1: Cala Galdana to Sant Tomas 

Turn East out of Cala Galdana and follow the signs you will discover the beautiful beaches of Cala Mitjana, Trebaluger & Escoxada. (aprox. 4.5 hrs)

Experience 2: Cala Galdana to Cala Turqueta

Turn West from Cala Galadana follow the path along to Cala Macarella and Macarelleta. It takes about 3 hours.  If you’re feeling full of energy you can continue further to the stunning Cala Turqueta.

Useful walking websites: 


There are so many other beautiful inland routes too in Menorca, that often get forgotten.

Menorca Live Recommends:

San Agueda castle (near Ferreries)

Algendar Gorge (Barranc d`Algendar, Ferreries)

Cova des Coloms (Binigaus Ravine)

S`Albufera Nature Reserve (Es Grau)

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking has recently been added to the activities that are available in Menorca.  It is a physical activity that consists of walking in a natural way whilst using poles, using the natural swing of the arms to promote movement.  It can be done by all ages from infancy to old age and is adaptable to the individual characteristics of each person with the aim of improving the physical and emotional well-being of those that practice it.

Menorca Live Recommends:

Menorca Nordic Walking

At the moment the website is only in Spanish, but this company is part of Menorca en Kayak based in Es Grau.

If you are interested, simply contact Menorca Nordic as some of their instructors so speak English and you may be able to organise a group event or private lessons.

The Trail Menorca, Camí De Cavalls Race

Trail running is a popular pastime in Menorca for both locals and those from further afield.  Often whilst out walking on the Camí de Cavalls you will come across trail runners, some will probably be training for the big race that’s held every year in May. They make it look so easy when they glide effortless down the side of a rocky cliff face!!

The Trail Menorca Camí de Cavalls is organised by Elitechip.S.L 

The event consists of six self supported distances that take place along the GR-223 trail.  This event will be staged on 21st-22nd-23rd-May 2021.  More information can be found by visiting the following websites: