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Water Sports

Menorca has some of the best coves in the Mediterranean, with warm crystal clear waters during the summer months, there are many hidden caves and wrecks to explore, along with an abundance of Marine life.   It’s no surprise that diving and snorkelling are ideal activities for first timers or for those that are already experienced.  It has a strong conservation conscience with many areas that are protected and are in the Marine Reserve.  In 1999 the  North Coast, Cap Gros to the bay of Fornells became a  protected area, giving sea life and fauna the chance to thrive.   More recently in April 2019 the Government decreed that the Isla del Aire was to become a Marine Reserve too. 


Snorkelling can be enjoyed in the safety of the swimming areas of the beaches for those first attempts.

But many of the diving centres offer snorkelling as a course for beginners or a group excursion.  Some of the dive centres offer excursions from as young 2 years ,which makes it inclusive for all the family.

If you are an experienced snorkeler and want to snorkel on your own you should be aware of some of the safety advice.

You need to consider the weather conditions and let someone know where you are.  It’s wise to consider wearing a high factor water-resistant sunscreen/UVA suit and use a floating bouy so that you are visible.  There is a high volume of boats during the summer months where accidents can occur with snorkelers and open water swimmers, so it is important to act responsible.


To explore the depth of Menorca’s crystal clear waters, diving schools have a wealth of local knowledge and often have secret jaw dropping places jaw to take their clients.  

If you are a beginner you can book courses to learn the first stages of diving or for those that have some experience, there are further courses in Open Water Diving and right up to Instructor level.

There are many Diving Schools around Menorca, but it’s worth looking at customer reviews and checking out their websites first.



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Kayaking in Menorca is fast becoming a growing activity with locals and holiday makers alike.  Either for a couple of hours ambling around within a resort, day excursions and for the more experienced Kayaker, circumnavigating the whole island in 10 days!

This beautiful island allows the Kayaker a much slower & sustainable way of discovering the coastline.  You can explore caves, inlets and those hard to reach places where man nor motorboat cannot.

The islands north and south coastlines are both very different, but very diverse.  The north coast is more raw and untouched.  There are less places to shelter from and the north Tramuntana” wind often makes the open sea a little more challenging.

The south coast has more places to shelter with an abundance of protected coves lines with pine trees, caves and inlets to explore and beautiful virgin beaches to rest awhile.

Points of safety:

  • Before setting out, always check the weather.  A sudden change in the weather can make Kayaking in rough water unpleasant and not advisable.
  • It’s important to inform someone of the route that you are planning.
  • It’s best to wear a life jacket even if you have a lot of experience.
  • Do wear sunscreen, a hat, take water and food and if you have a waterproof bag, your Mobile is a good idea…even if it’s just to take photos!

It’s important to remember that if you are not the most experienced Kayaker the preferred way would be with an organised trip.

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Stand Up Paddle

Stand up Paddle or SUP, is relatively new to Menorca but popularity is growing.  Board hire is available to enjoy from the safety of many of the resort and beaches, usually by the hour.  It’s a great workout too…If you can manage to stay upright!

There are a few of companies that offer tours on the island.  Like the kayak, they allow you into places that are not accessible by boat.




Son Xoriguer:


 Feel the wind on your face, as your board cuts through the sea and you battle against nature…sound like fun!?

Menorca is perfect for windsurfing.  The northern beaches are where most of the windsurfing centres are based. The beaches around Fornells; Tirant, Pregonda and Cavalleria are all fantastic for windsurf enthusiasts.  When the North wind blows, knows as “Tramontana” it makes for the ideal conditions.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or experienced, everyone is catered for.  Some of the southern beaches are also ideal to windsurf.  The likes of Punta Prima, Son Bou and Son Xoriguer, all have sailing centres that offer windsurfing.

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Water Skiing & Jet Skiing

There are only a couple of places that offer Ski and Jet Ski for hire on the island, but if you fancy an hour of exhilarating fun check out the following companies who offer safe and secure trips.



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